Why invest in Istanbul?

Istanbul has rewarded investors over the last years, outstripping inflation, currency, cryptocurrency, and even during the pandemic.
Why invest in Istanbul?

If you haven’t invested in Istanbul before, you’ve missed out. Istanbul has famously rewarded investors over the last few years, outstripping inflation, currency fluctuations, cryptocurrency, and even appreciating during the pandemic. If you have a vested interest in Istanbul, then investing in Istanbul will reward you handsomly.

Real estate in real Istanbul always booms.

Traditional city centre locations always appreciate in Istanbul, at the very least maintains its value during any world crises. “Central Istanbul” is made up of Besiktas, Sisli, Beyoglu, Uskudar, and Kadikoy. These regions appreciated as follows in the last twelve months.

  • Besiktas: 188%
  • Sisli: 259%
  • Beyoglu: 231%
  • Uskudar: 244%
  • Kadikoy: 186%

It’s a hedge against currency fluctuations.

Granted the figures above are in Turkish Lira which has appreciated a whopping amount in the same time. Adjusting for currency depreciation, real estate has still reward investors on a currency basis. Over the last twelve months, US Dollars has gained 71%, Euros 61%, and Sterling 55%. Real estate has comfortably outperformed this basket of currency. Istanbul, on average, gained 181% in the same period.

Real estate protects against inflation.

Inflation in Turkey was published as 80% for the month of June, which is the highest it has ever been in 24 years. Real estate has outperformed inflation comfortably during the same period. Those that fear inflation eroding their savings will find real estate to protect against this threat.

Secures a future in brick and mortar.

No matter what happens, one home in Istanbul is always worth another home in Istanbul. Whether that assets loses or gains in value, it can always be traded in for another home in Istanbul. Real estate in any part of the world is a valuable part of any investment portfolio, but in a major world city like Istanbul, its worth a lot more.

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