Istanbul 2023: The Year of the Metro

Written by Mustafa YILMAZ.

This article was published on 01 Jun 2023

In 2023, Istanbul is experiencing a transportation revolution with the completion of several metro lines and extensions that are reshaping urban mobility and daily life for the city’s residents. The expansion of Istanbul’s metro network is connecting various parts of the city, enhancing the efficiency of public transportation and contributing to a more sustainable, accessible urban environment.

The newly opened M8 metro line connects Dudullu in the north to Bostancı on the south coast, creating a vital north-south link. This line enables commuters to easily transfer to the Marmaray railway and high-speed train at Bostancı, the M4 metro line at Kozyatağı, and the M5 metro line at Dudullu, further enhancing the connectivity of Istanbul’s transportation network.

The M7 line has been extended by two stops from Mecidiyeköy to Yıldız, with plans for two more stops—Beşiktaş and Kabataş—to be added in 2024. This extension will provide even greater access to various parts of the city, ensuring seamless travel for Istanbul’s residents and visitors.

The M3 metro line has been extended northwards to Kayaşehir, enabling easier access to the city center by connecting to the M7 metro line. This extension is expected to improve the commuting experience for thousands of passengers daily.

The M4 metro line has also undergone significant expansion, now reaching Sabiha Gökçen Airport and passing through the densely populated neighborhoods of Pendik and Kurtköy. With plans to further extend the line eastwards to Tuzla Marina, the M4 will provide an essential transportation link for millions of Istanbulites.

Lastly, the M7 line is being extended westwards to Esenyurt via Atakent and Bahçeşehir. This ambitious project will grant nearly 2 million people high-speed access to the city center, transforming the daily commute for countless Istanbul residents.

As Istanbul embraces 2023, the city’s metro expansion projects have ushered in a new era of urban mobility, creating a more sustainable and connected city. This significant transformation highlights Istanbul’s commitment to developing a world-class public transportation system that rivals those in other major cities around the globe.

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