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This article was updated on Wednesday, 15 July, 2020

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment

Professional guidance from the Turkish experts

Become a full Turkish citizen and obtain a Turkish passport by investing in Turkish property. Here is your complete guide to the process. Pera Property’s experienced team of experts and legal team have studied the process in detail. We now offer a fully packaged service including all aspects of the process, and ancillary processes required to obtain citizenship.

Documents required for your application

  1. Turkish tax number
  2. Birth certificates and passport of all applicants to be included
  3. Marital certificate if applicable
  4. Confirmation from the spouse if the children under 18 are to be included

Enjoy a hassle free process with Pera Property

  1. We obtain your tax number, and open a bank account for you.
  2. Find the property that meets the requirements
  3. Arrange for an official survey confirming the property valuation (SPK)
  4. Apply for Turkish citizenship with one of our recommended solicitors

Conditions to be met by the property(ies)

  1. The assets to be purchased must exceed $250,000, be fully completed, and habitable i.e. it must have a Kat Mulkiyet title and a habitation certificate (Iskan)
  2. The assets can be one or more property, and need not be within the same complex or compound.
  3. The assets value must be confirmed by a surveyor registered with the authorities (SPK).
  4. The property(ies) cannot be sold for at least three years – a charge is applied to the title(s).

Property suitable for the investment programme

Pera Property has been in operation for a decade, with a combined experience of over 50 years in the Turkish real estate industry.
This makes us the industry experts for international investors in Istanbul. Pera Property has thousands of satisfied investors from all over the world.
Pera Property provides a full management service, ensuring a true partnership with our clients spanning many years. We buy, sell, rent, and let apartments all over Istanbul – we don’t only buy!
Our rental management service is second to none, meaning once our clients invest, we continue to manage those assets at very low cost to our investors.
This philosophy means that Pera Property currently manages over $50,000,000 in assets in Istanbul on behalf of individual investors as well as group funds.

Visit our dedicated citizenship page for detailed information.

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